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“Loud and Articulately”: XIII DIRK Annual Conference 2010


Loud and articulately, that’s the summary of WirtschaftsWoche (a German Business Magazine, issue No. 20) in an article about valuable Investor Relations after the XIII. Annual Conference 2010 of DIRK e.V., held on May 17 in Frankfurt.


Marcus Sultzer


Marcus Sultzer, CEO,

Equity Story RS


DIRK is the German Investor Relations Association and links politics, business and media in the area of Investor Relations. DIRK’s Annual Conference is the main event for the Investor Relations Community in Germany bringing together IR Managers, Investors, Analysts and others for Company Presentations, One-and-Ones, Round-Table Discussions, Workshops and the IR Awards.

“Since our first conference in 1998 we went a long way”, Kay Bommer, the Managing Director of DIRK, started his introduction speech. With around 550 registered participants from 16 countries, participating sister associations of DIRK from the US, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria and UK and Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL as keynote speaker, the event reached a new top level. Based on this numbers and participants from different sectors like media, research institutes, suppliers, compliance departments etc. Kay Bommer added: “It is important for me to point out that IR according to our understanding is a strategic cross-divisional function between


Daniela Peeva and Sophia Argirova, Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors


DIRK’s Annual Conference is the biggest IR event in Europe indeed. We were impressed both by the large scale of the event and the high level of the presented information and presentations. Such an event provides the possibility not only to meet leading IR professionals, experts in the information disclosure field, but benefited a lot to us as representatives of a developing market such as the Bulgarian to draw on experience and ideas... more


Finance and Communication”, an understanding which had to be developed the last 10 years to establish IR in the companies organizational structure and strategy. The conference was held under the slogan “The lost honor of the capital market - IR as guarantor for objectivity” with main topics like Sustainability and Social Media. “For an event like this […], especially in economically different times, it’s needed to have supporters. ityStory AG, the holding company of OOO “EquityStory RS” was one of the main sponsors of the conference and as a stock listed company in Frankfurt used the chance to present itself in one of the company presentation slots.

Loud and articulately – Doing a good Investor Relations job shows up in crisis times. To publish huge profits can be done by everybody but to avoid crashes in the stock price, to keep investors and to negotiate credits – that’s the top level (WirtschaftsWoche, No. 20). One main conclusion for IR Managers at the conference after the long way through the financial crisis is “The New Honesty”: Bad news have to be published immediately. Who tries to keep information confidential or to euphemize them will finally lose. For the development of IR in Russia this means: The role of IR Managers and the whole IR Community will get more and more important if a valuable job will be done by regular, transparent, objective and international communication.


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